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"Let's Talk"

"I can't rightly say I know for sure what's going on...but I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me, is being a woman gonna always be like this?"
Except from: "Let's Talk" 2004 Renee Matthews-Jackson  - As delivered by the character Cecillya


"I’m not apologizing to her, she threw my drink in my face---my damn drink!  She owes me an apology!  I really didn’t mean to say it like I said it… I did not mean to infer that she burnt her house down or killed her own baby, (Beatrice looks at Katrina with piercing eyes and shakes her head).   I’m not as cold-hearted as all ya’ll think I am.  I would have never taken it further if she wouldn’t have been such a smart-ass and cracked on my drinking. Like I said; I can handle my liquor.  I’m not the drunk ya’ll think I am.  Shit!  I have issues too.  What about that man of mine, nobody wants to talk about-- his whorish ass.  I know ya’ll talk about him behind my back!  I know ya’ll see him out screwing around with other women, and wonder why I stay with him.  I know you do!"





Excerpt from "Let's Talk"  2004 Renee Matthews-Jackson - As delivered by the character - Katrina

"Let's Talk"" is a one act play that comes straight out of the mouths of guess who?   Women!  
Five women get together for their monthly po-ke-no game, which they've done for eight years.  The game is always exciting.  They play for hard earned quarters, but it never simply involves who listens well enough to win.  These women exchange stories, ideas, recipes, favors and all kinds of womanly advice.  They laugh, cry, taunt, tease, and yes compliment one another with great adoration.  Without the slightest doubt their favorite topic outside themselves and their children is--men.  This production spreads joy, highlights troubles, and leaves the audience gossiping about each woman long after audience members have left for home.  There is great relativity to life and living for everyone who gets the opportunity to sit outside the window of Joyce Ann's house, and listen in. 
Schedule a performance of "Let's Talk", and you'll be one of those who gets an ear full, a heart and soul full of this witty drama.






Joyce Ann:              (Enters with baked spaghetti)  Alright ladies, we are ready,

                               food and all… I do hope you’ve saved the Ace of Spades 

                               and Queen of Hearts boards for me ladies.  You know

                               house gets first pick, that’s only been the rule for the past

                               eight years.  (Puts spaghetti on table, holds hand out for her

                               boards).  Give ‘em up!  (Janie hands her the Ace of Spades

                               board and smiles).  Now, how did I know you’d be the one

                               with my favorite board Janie darling.  (They hug).


Janie:                      Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  You

                               know that board is a winner cause I put…


Joyce Ann:              (Cuts her off) ‘Cause you put a spell on it!  Thanks! (Laughs)

                               Okay ladies, let’s get down to the business at hand. 

                               Kenneth is away at a Conference for the week-end, all

                               those who are game are welcome to stay all night!


Katrina:                   Yeah, I could just see Tommy coming over here looking for

                               Beatrice. (Laughs)


Beatrice:                  Now, tell me how you know that Tommy isn’t already

                               aware that I planned to spend the night, Miss Know-It-All?


Katrina:                   My bad!  I just know how jealous your man is… that’s all!


Beatrice:                 And tell me how the hell you know that Katrina?


Katrina:                   You don’t keep any secrets girl!  You tell all your business!


Beatrice:                  Maybe I do, but not to you, with your nosy ass!


Katrina:                    Excuse me, nosy, don’t nobody gossip any more than you

                               do!  Calling me nosy!


Beatrice:                  You need to mind your own business, if you can find some,

                               so busy into everybody…


Katrina:                    So you say!  I just…



Joyce Ann:               Are we going to play po-ke-no or argue?


A Scene from "Let's Talk" by Renee Matthews-Jackson  2004

Poet/Playwright/Actress ~ Renee Matthews-Jackson,
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