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The Righteously Radical Rap Tour 2010

"Ain't no crime ta busta rhyme. 
WE do it wid 'da flava all 'da time. 
On 'da positive boyee!"


Wanna book a TOUR, Fa Sure!  Fa Sure! 
Just ta let y'all sample: 
Here we go...
The Issue-Oriented Educational Rhyme
1994 Renee Matthews-Jackson
"Been rappin ta you for a very long time
An isssue-oriented educational rhyme
Now it's time for me to relax
'Cause I been down fa so long wid 'da facts
So I decided to place pen in hand
And write a rap song you could understand
'Dis one isn't about 'da sunshine
Naw--it ain't about 'da rain
It is dedicated to all mankind
And for those of you who don't know my name
The call me MotherRapper
'Cause I'm dapper
I'm about 'da oldest female rapper
But I'm down
Don't mess around
I write poetry, I am prolific and profound
Far too long I've been underground
Searchin' for a beat, an original sound
Lookin' for a re-mix to match my mood
Makin' y'all eat up my brain food...
We come to your facility and instruct a two week residency.
In this 2 week period, students create their own Rap Opera.
Straight out of real life issues, and events, an ensemble
unites to present the entire student body with a 30 minute play.
So wut U waitin' 4?


"Edutainment At Its Finest"