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Favorite Poems of 2004

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~Forever My Knight~
             A Sonnet
Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004
Ever my true love has smitten my soul
Breathless he's left me on many account
I am not one he has tried to cajole
He is my heart in the greatest amount

Lifting my spirit has been his mission
Always my pillar, my shelter, fine gold
Willing am I, in perfect submission
Two intently agreed to have and to hold

Better my stature with him on my right
Walking together as one with favor
Knelt down in prayer to our Father each night
Memories, oh, so fondly we savor

In shining armor, became my sweet Knight
I am the glow from his wonderful light




Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004


Did he buy her diamonds?
How about a string of fine pearls?
Was there a fox fur for Christmas?
Or even that pretty black dress she adored?

The aroma of Cierra adorned her neck,
maybe every three years or so...
It was his finest gift,
and he reminded her over and over to wear it.

He was a nice guy!
That's the way his friends viewed him.
But to her, nice never hugged gently.
It never told her she was gorgeous.
Wouldn't warm her like a soft comforter.

He was even faithful,
Godly, she confessed.
Wonder what Our Father
thought of his being one way
in church and still another at home?

She had become familiar with loneliness.
The lack of conversation wasn't new.
Arguments when they conversed was the norm.
She had no more reason to weep.
The tears dried up
after hurt filled oceans spilled over.

Fear left when reality came.
She still has vivid dreams and imaginations.
He is not visible in them these days.
Now the man she sees when eyes shut (and open)
has no face, no form, is void of life...

Yet her dream-like man stands firm in her hopes,
her conquests still live.
The man she once knew has vanished,
and her new vision believes enough in self
to make all her dreams come true.


At The Ebb of Thinking

Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004


The river flows to and fro
returns to where it began.
A continuous cycle, reinventing itself,
known to every man.

But, do the waters change
or simply remain the same?
Is it as those who understand
stake the greater claim?

In my minuscule estimation
nothing new has ever evolved.
For me, the waves replenish themselves,
yet mysteries go unsolved.

Who can prove the other wrong
in theory and not fact,
or paint a rippled picture
in colorful abstract?

And if torrential winds do blow,
from which way drives the wind,
If hurricanes chased by cyclones
hurried around the bend?

Undetermined factors
allude the most intelligent.
Making sense of nonsense
when all else is irrelevant.

Now, if I dip into this river,
will I ever dip once more?
Will I return my spirit
to this sandy shore?

The beach will change,
waters elapse into something new,
and I will be last after first
while making my debut.

Do not be dismayed
by the riddle or the rhyme.
This is my normal mindset,
I think this way all the time.

Compelling is my neurology,
rivers flow inside my head.
I've used up nearly the whole spool,
and now hang by a short thread.

So, fool me not with vain philosophy.
Entice no more my mind,
I am not at all surprised
with anything amazing I find.



Extended Journey~Villanelle

Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004


When echoes reach to say a last goodbye
Where limit bears its final scene
One step with a sparkle in my eye

Please note for me, that in all I bid try
And more so, did I tend to lean
When echoes reach to say a last goodbye

Often times life danced while kissing the sky
Verdant realities in hues so green
One step with a sparkle in my eye

There will be no tears shed, no one should cry
For now my sight is crisp and clean
When echoes reach to say a last goodbye

The grave does not really hold those who die
Extended journey of what I've seen
One step with a sparkle in my eye

It is hard to question the reasons why
Those who have faith know what I mean
When echoes reach to say a last goodbye
One step with a sparkle in my eye



Uncovered ~Triolet~

Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004


She began to remove the mask
It had been in place for so long
What a free but arduous task
She began to remove the mask

Tossing away her silver flask
Her movements sure and very strong
She began to remove the mask
It had been in place for so long

Eyes peering through a masked heartache
Breaking this mold was her mission
Deep was each hushed breath she would take
Eyes peering through a masked heartache

She began to quietly shake
This her true point of submission
Eyes peering through a masked heartache
Breaking this mold was her mission

A Dark Wind Blowing
Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004
Charcoal winds come from the East
Blowing dirt about
Swirls of misery
Engulf the unexpected
Tragedy prevails in legions
Slewing many

With unbridled furor
Skies turn vividly purple
The smell of disaster in the air
Birds become silent songstresses
The wild things of nature
Settle themselves in wait

First it is hauntingly quiet
As if the earth stops rotating
Suddenly with a blast
Tempests abound
Like a freight train
The thunder roars

Homes break into pieces
Trees are tossed in the heavens
Barren limbs from dead Oaks
Are blown about on untamed breezes
Families huddle together
In sheltered places

All is unearthed
For what seems like forever
Then just as it advanced
It retreats
Once again it is still
The devastation has made its mark

The sun appears with a rainbow
And the fury of dark winds
Has blown its way through
Lucky to get out with life and breath
Emergences from hidden coves begins
The estimation of damage starts

Valuables are collected
Personal posessions strewn about
Tears stream from broken hearted eyes
Precious sentiments lost
On the horizon another storm brews
Might be best to take shelter elsewhere

Leave all the rubble and move on...
No Lack of Pizazz!
Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004
It startled me!
My mother's voice
came charging from my lips!

Her stand,
her scowl,
her right hand,
firm upon her hips.

Looked in the mirror,
saw the grimace
of her glaring face...

But, it was me
who stared right back,
my soul I did embrace.

The wrinkles 'bout the eyes.
that self-enchanted grin...
I looked away so quickly,
then had to look again.

Appearing just as she did,
twenty three years before.
I heard her, and became her...
This, I could not ignore.

Time has now pushed forward.
it seems so little passed,
It's come and gone so swiftly,
so subtle the contrast.

I hope that in the future,
I buffer as she has.
She's still got her quip,
her wit, and her pizazz.

My Blue Castle
Renee Matthews-Jackson 2004
In the bright light of the day
My castle built by my king
Beacons travelers far away
It is a wondrous thing

Foam tides crash upon the shore
A verdant plush all about
Velvet grass on the Earth's floor
Once in you won't come back out

At night there is pure magic
It changes before your eyes
For some it may be tragic
My castle, blue like the skies

My king made a promise to me
He'd make my home a delight
As sure as 'as sure' can be
It becomes azure at night

All the gray stones disappear
Castle walls start to transform
He is the great engineer
My place is out of the norm

I welcome you to come see
It sits in a distant land
Won't you keep me company
And see my castle firsthand







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