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Professional Experience


VIGIL   Ensemble Cast -  Cleveland Public Theatre

The Amen Corner   Rainey Institute - 1Voice Project

Dividing the Estate  Ensemble Cast Ensemble Theatre

A Colored Funeral  Ensemble Cast Karamu House

Sorrows and Rejoicings  Marta Barends Ensemble Theatre

Jungle Book  Ensemble Cast Cleveland Play House

Jar The Floor MayDee Karamu House

Bee-Luther-Hatchee Libby/Woman Karamu House

In the Blood Woman/Bully DobamaTheatre

Anton In Show Business Ensemble Cast Ensemble Theatre

The Waiting Room Ensemble Cast Dobama Theatre

East Texas Hot Links Charlesetta Karamu House

A Raisin In The Sun Ruth Karamu House

Fires In The Mirror Ensemble Cast Karamu/Dobama

The Mississippi Delta Woman 2 Karamu House

Colored People’s Time Ensemble Cast Ensemble Theatre

Zooman And The Sign Ash Boswell Karamu House

Women of Plums Ensemble Cast Karamu Theatre

Dog Eat Dog The Woman Ensemble Theatre

The Rabbit Foot Berlinda Ensemble Theatre

Gift Bringers Babushka Karamu House

The Colored Museum Ensemble Cast Karamu House

Spooks Sister Lucinda Karamu House

Long Time Since Yesterday Pansi McVain Karamu House

The River Niger Mattie Williams Karamu House

The Emperor's New Clothes Ensemble Cast Karamu (D/TY)

To Live & Breathe Forevermore Ensemble Tour (D/TY) Karamu




We Play All Day Children's Play Lomond Elementary June 2009

Let’s Talk Women’s Play CPT Little Box November 2007

Welcome... Children's Play Mt. Sinai Ministries July 2006

Let’s Talk Women’s Play Hitchcock House July 2005

Bone Pickin’ Arena Fest’ Karamu House April 2005

A Liquid Metaphor WOMEN OF SEASON Tour 2003 - Present

Rhythms... 1+1 PROD. Greater Cleveland 1993 – Present

Woman I Am 1+1 PROD. Greater Cleveland 1993 – Present

The Woman Beside... 1+1 PROD. Greater Cleveland 2003 – Present

Every Little Bit Alzheimer’s Play Red Hen Productions October 1994

Black Nativity Poetry Karamu House December 1989

The Breath of ... DTY(Original Works) Karamu House 1987 - 1996




Still Away Ramona King E. Cleveland Theatre

Endless Train Clyde Davis Cleveland Art Theatre

Bone Pickin’ Original Play Karamu Arena

Colored Funeral Gregory Carr Karamu Arena Fest’

J. Taylor’sGone Gregory Carr Karamu Arena

Authors & Artists Original Poetry MLK School of

Voices from D.C Original Play MLK School of Law & Sciences

Not Without Scars Rev. Olds Play Tri-C Eastern

God is Gospel Youth Drama Mt. Sinai

“Freedom” S.C.L.C. Cleve. Chapter

Original Plays Young/Young Adult Greater Cleveland




IAMMIME RENEEissance Arts...Youth/Mt. Sinai Ministries 2007 - Present

A Liquid Metaphor WOMEN OF SEASON 2003 - Present

Strong Black Woman Tour Women Of Season 2001 - Present

Rhythms…I & II 1 + 1 PROD. 1993 – Present

Woman I Am 1 + 1 PROD. 1993 - Present

Three Steps (Rappers) Promoter 1991 - 1993

Boundary Line RENEEissance Arts … 1986 – 1989

Reversed Roles RENEEissance Arts… May 1989

Out of the Mouths of Babes RENEEissance Arts… April 1988

Hats on Tour RENEEissance Arts… 1986 - 1987


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