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Born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio.  Renee Matthews-Jackson has written since she was old enough to completely scribe a sentence.

Finally reaching half a century of living, (and then some Renee uses words to contribute to the mainsteam.  Her writings are raw, real, surreal, and filled with all the details of every aspect of life.  Poetry is her passion.  She is also a Thespian.  Theatre is her love.  Her family is what makes her heart beat.  Renee has been married for 38 years to her childhood sweetheart.  She has four adult children, 3 handsome grandsons, and 2 gorgeous granddaughters. 
Ms. Matthews-Jackson is grateful to God for her many talents and gifts.

Renee Matthews-Jackson is presently at dilligent work on publishing several books of poetry as her collection is over seven-thousand poems and building.
Renee has re-enrolled in college after an extended hiatus.  After two years, she has changed her major to Education with a minor in Theatre.  She is extremely excited to have returned to school after being with her grandchildren, as she has been caregiver for them for the past twelve years. 
Renee is presently working as a Mime, Drama/Theatre & Creative Writing Coach, and Instructor, and in the process of producing several 10 Minute Plays as well as One Acts.
Look for Renee at poetry recitals, staged readings, and performances, even with her hectic school studies taking a major portion of her time...  She is still very much involved in her community, always seen and heard!
Stay Tuned
The stage has no windows or doors
Nothing but painted tiles on its floors
But the characters that a good actor portrays
Will be with you throughout your days...
Renee Matthews-Jackson 2005

Renee portrays a homeless woman named Issie.
"I sleep in a Jag, ain't so bad off.  The house is abandoned, but it got boards on the windows and doors, can't get in there, it'd be warmer, but at least the Jag keeps the wind off.  I ain't on drugs, don't drink, don't prostitute...  I do plenty of beggin' though, sorry for that.  Gotta do what I can to survive until times git better for me.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I don't need your sympathy.  A dollar or two would work just fine. Now, take them damn cameras off me please!  I don't do well on photographs."
They Are Not Invisible
by Renee Matthews-Jackson
   2003 REALISSUE-Plays & Poetry
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Using Your Talents
To Create Your Livelihood

God gave us all a purpose for exisiting.  I know my purpose is to glorify God.  To discover the talents in our children, and pull those talents out of them. My purpose is also to allow my Godlight to shine by using my gifts and talents.  The ability to touch others with my acting and writing skills is my greatest blessing.

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